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I'm Fine is a first-person tale of struggle with teenage depression told through private journal entries. The film lifts the covers on the distorted perception of reality that comes from depression and gives a realistic view of what “better” truly means.

Written with evocative poetry, illustrated through fragmented hand-lettering, visualized through rich cinematography, and emotionally narrated by the author, I’m Fine is as raw and vulnerable as it gets.

The poetry was written by Aidan Sinconis over multiple years and showcases his personal journey with depression. It’s a raw and unfiltered view into dark depths with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of this mental illness.

Ethan Sinconis’ typography was tediously hand lettered on cardstock, scanned twice and then digitally animated frame by frame in an attempt to typographically capture the emotional stages throughout the journey.

I'm Fine

A mental health film by Sinconis Studios

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