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Student film directors Asia Mason and Travis Fain tasked Ethan Sinconis to execute an opening credit sequence that is both symbolic and compelling.

To foreshadow the main character Ava's mind-manipulative powers, Ethan came up with the idea of having the credits be manipulated in different ways as if Ava herself was trying to move the text around with her mind.

From bursting and flying all over the place, to flying out of view, to becoming so big that the words fill up the entire screen, the sequence perfectly sets the weird and suspenseful tone for the short film.

The film was recognized at the 2023 Peoria Student Film Festival and won the second-place award for the short film category. The opening titles were highly praised as well, captivating and intriguing many audiences.

The Conquest of the Morally Gray: Ava

Film Directors: Asia Mason, Travis Fain

Client: Peoria Student Broadcasting Network

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