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Ethan Sinconis immediately knew once he talked to film director Amelia Piatt that he wanted to somehow foreshadow the film's final ending. Building animated galaxies in 2D and 3D space entirely from scratch, Sinconis leads us through a comedic fake tour of the galaxy, starting from deep in the universe and ending up on Earth.


Each galaxy gets more ominous in a dark comedic style to set up the film's comedic nature. Towards the end of the sequence, the galaxies get brighter, foreshadowing the collision at the end of the film.


Ethan then worked with the crew of Beyond to finalize and render the finished product.


Sinconis also dictated the design and the style of the end crawl, which was handed over to Peoria Student Broadcasting Network (PSBN) film director, producer and editor Tara Frooninckx to typeset.


Film Director: Amelia Piatt

Client: Peoria Student Broadcasting Network

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